Thank you for presenting at the 2018 ANZSN ASM

Please check the ASM Program to re-confirm the day, time and room of your session. Whilst we don’t anticipate any changes please check the program again prior to your session.

ICC Speakers Preparation Room: There will be full Audio Visual Technician support throughout the ASM and a dedicated Speakers Preparation Room available to speakers to practice, check and load their files.  The shared Speakers Preparation room is located on the ground floor (past the ASM registration desk) and includes;

  • Reception and locker area
  • 24 workstations, each workstation is fitted with a desktop computer, power outlet and privacy screens
  • Four private rooms for use as speaker preparation rehearsal rooms
  • Speaker preparation rehearsal rooms fitted with a lounge chair, workstation, desktop computer, lectern, microphone and a 42’ LCD screen

Below are some tips to assist you, most importantly please ensure you start and finish your presentation on time.

Before the Session

  • Please load your presentation files to the ONLINE ASM PRESENTATION FOLDER* prior to your arrival.  The onsite audio visual technicians will download the files from this folder and load them in the correct room for your presentation.  This will ensure a smooth delivery of orals during the program and reduce overcrowding in the Speakers Preparation room prior to sessions beginning.
    • Embed any content such as audio or video – do not link to external files
    • Also bring your files to the ASM on a USB / memory drive as a back up
    • Ensure the title of your presentation on your file matches the title in the program
    • Name your files with the first presenting author’s first and last name as it appears in the program: ANZSN.Lastname.Firstname.  If the same presenter has multiple presentations in the ASM, end each name with ‘1’ then ‘2’ etc. in order of when they appear in the program.
  • When you register at the venue you will be directed to the Speaker’s Preparation Room on the Ground Floor (past the ASM registration desk). Please touch base with the AV technician in this room to confirm they have loaded your presentation and there are no issues.  They will also be available to answer any questions you may have about the session room and facilities
  • The presentation computers use PowerPoint with Windows operating system with a 16:9 ratio widescreen set up for PowerPoint. If you use a Mac or require a specific or uncommon program we suggest you bring your laptop as a back up.
  • Abstracts will be available on the ASM Website and ASM Meeting App linked to the title of each presentation once they have been edited by the Nephrology Journal.  The Meeting App will be released in the final fortnight prior to the ASM.
  • Please go to your session room 15 minutes prior to the start time to meet the session chair (their name will be noted in the program) and to familiarise yourself with the room and audio visual setup.

 *If your institution does not support DropBox for loading files you may send them directly to the ASM Managers.  Please ensure they are correctly named.

During the Session

  • Please be seated in the front row so that you can move to the lectern quickly at the end of the previous presentation.
  • There will be AV technicians roaming between the session rooms to trouble shoot any technical issues should they arise.
  • The length of your presentation is noted in the program. During your presentation, please keep a strict eye on the time and listen for the chair’s instructions. Your allocated session length includes time for questions:
    • Mini Orals: 7 minutes total time – we suggest 5 minute presentation followed by 2 minutes for questions
      • Structure: Intro/Background; Hypothesis/Aims; Material/methods; Results; Conclusion – Acknowledgment
      • Timing: Roughly 1 minute per slide
    • Clinical Trainee Prize Orals: 7 minutes total time – we suggest 5 minute presentation followed by 2 minutes for questions
    • Young Investigator Award: 15 minutes total time – we suggest 12 minute presentation followed by 3 minutes for questions
    • KHA Award: 15 minutes total time – we suggest 12 minute presentation followed by 3 minutes for questions
    • Basic Science Award: 15 minutes total time – we suggest 12 minute presentation followed by 3 minutes for questions
  • At the end of your allocated time the chair will ring a bell for you to conclude immediately (if necessary). The chair will only allow questions if you have finished in time.
  • We do not want to embarrass you however the session chairs have been instructed to end all presentations after your allocated time, even if you are not finished, in order to keep the program to time.  Please practice your presentation so you can deliver it accurately in the time allowed.


The ASM is hosted by Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology.

The aims of the Society are to promote and support the study of the kidney and urinary tract in health and disease, and to ensure the highest professional standards for the practice of nephrology in Australia and New Zealand.

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