Masaomi Nangaku

Masaomi Nangaku is a professor and head of the division of nephrology and endocrinology, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, and a vice president of the University of Tokyo Hospital. He is an executive councilor and a head of the international committee and the global liaison committee of the Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN). He is also an executive councilor of the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) in charge of CME and an executive councilor of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN). He has published more than 180 original articles and 60 reviews articles in international journals, and has given 70 invited talks at international academic meetings. He served as a member of Scientific Program Committees of WCN, ISN-NEXUS, ASN, and APCN. He is currently serving as an associate editor of Kidney International. He was a chair of the scientific program committee of the Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology held in Perth, 2016, under the leadership of Paolo Ferrari, and he is a chair of the scientific program committee of the World Congress of Nephrology to be held in Melbourne, 2019, under the leadership of David Harris. His research interests include oxygen biology, diabetic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, anemia in chronic kidney disease, and epigenetics.

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