Vivekanand Jha

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President, International Society of Nephrology

Professor Vivekanand Jha is the President of the International Society of Nephrology. He also covers the role of Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health, India. Prof. Jha is recognized as a global expert on kidney disease and focuses on emerging public health threats globally and in India. He currently leads research projects operating in more than 20 countries. He is particularly interested in using multi-disciplinary approaches and innovations to address the system level health and economic challenge posed to humanity by non-communicable diseases. He has published over 320 peer reviewed papers, many in the most prestigious journal in the world and over 40 book chapters. He has held leadership positions in many organizations. He is a member of Task Forces and Scientific Advisory Committees of the Department of Science and Technology of Government of India, an Advisor to the WHO, has been on Editorial Boards of major journals and has been Section Editor of the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology.

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