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Please note: This video shows a general overview of the event portal OnAir by EventsAIR. Some features may not be applicable to the Online ASM portal. 

Whilst recent events with COVID-19 have changed our world, the Online ASM will still deliver on the below key requirements to help foster our community’s interests and initiatives!

  • Bring clinicians and researchers together to share new knowledge and ideas.
  • Provide forums for the exchange of knowledge on contemporary best practice.
  • Maintain and continue to grow our award program as it pertains to fostering, supporting and recognising research excellence in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease.
  • Meet with our valued partners whose financial support assists the Society in achieving our mission.

The format of the virtual ASM will be very familiar to previous ASM delegates. The meeting will feature Keynote presentations, Award presentations, Breakout Sessions and Mini Orals. During the ASM there will be live moderated Q&As for each session. We will run our exciting program of Keynote lectures with time for direct questions.

Additionally, there will be time for Interactive Networking with fellow delegates and opportunities to explore our Virtual Exhibition, where you will be able to engage directly with our suppliers.

  • Removal of the significant barrier of travel and lodging expenses
  • Allowing conference participants to participate remotely will reduce the carbon footprint, helping the environment and allowing to visit the conference while not being absent at home or work
  • Online materials, as for example ePosters and recorded sessions will enhance the exchange of knowledge and author & audience contact, during and even after the conference.

No, but the virtual meeting will be offered at a reduced fee.

Although many of the costs of a face to face meeting are no longer applicable, there are new costs and different resources required to run an online meeting.

You are able to register for the ASM here. Early bird registrations close 7 October 2020.

Technical Support

The OnAir platform was designed to be used in Chrome, we strongly encourage you to use this browser.  Some elements of the platform, such as Gamification for the delegate game, will not work unless you are accessing the platform through Chrome. It is recommended for optimal use of the platform to access the OnAIR portal on a PC and in Google Chrome.

Click the below image to install Chrome.

If you intend to experience and engage in the 2020 Online ANZSN platform from your work computer/laptop please ensure that your workplace firewall does not block access to the sessions and networking functions. You should check access with your IT department as early as possible as it may take a few days or weeks for your request to be processed.

Below is a list of all the streaming platforms that will be used during the Update Course and the ASM. Your IT department will need to whitelist these programs to enable you to access the online events.

  • Twilio
  • Vonage
  • Vimeo
  • AirCast
    • livefeed.aircastcdn.com
    • studio.aircastcdn.com
    • hls.aircastcdn.com
    • live.aircastcdn.com

Networking sessions use Twilio. If you are accessing the online portal via a work computer/network, visit https://networktest.twilio.com/ to test if your network allows you to access this program.

This will refresh the portal data and can fix many issues such as:

  • Profile picture not updating
  • Sessions not working or showing an incorrect video
  • Changes made to the timeline that aren’t displaying for the attendee
  • Audio/video issues.

This is generally one of the first steps you should follow if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

Click the below image to enlarge.

Open the page inspector in your browser.

This can be done by:

  • Right-clicking on the page and selecting inspect
  • Pressing F12
  • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + I

A window will open in your browser.

Right-click on the refresh button, found to the left of the URL bar, and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

Click the below image to enlarge.

To check these settings have been allowed:

  • Right-click on the padlock icon in the URL bar.
  • Make sure the Microphone and Camera are both set to allow.
  • Changing these will block your browser from using these devices.
  • Clicking on Site Permissions bring you to the full Site Permissions page for the Chrome browser.

Click the below images to enlarge.

Click on the lock icon in the URL bar and then click cookies.

Then in the blocked section allow cookies relating to the OnAIR portal to allow the session to run.

Click the below images to enlarge.

To check this:

  • Right click on the speaker icon (lower right corner).
  • Select open volume mixer.

If there is a dropdown arrow on the device option, it means their computer is using multiple audio devices and the sound might be going through a different device.





To disable the other devices right click on the speaker icon again and select open sound settings. In the sound settings select manage sound devices.

Select any device not in use and disable them. Then, close the portal and then re-open it.

Click images to enlarge.

Click images to enlarge.

To check what extensions are currently running in Google Chrome:

  • Select the icon in the top right that looks like three vertical dots.
  • Select More Tools.
  • Select Extensions.








In this window, you can check which apps and extensions are currently running in an attendee’s browser.
Certain apps and extensions can block the OnAIR portal and cause issues with video/audio/connecting to sessions (such as ad blockers, pop up blockers, etc.).
Extensions and apps can be turned off by selecting the blue slider icon in the bottom right corner of each app/extension.






Registrants will have access to the online platform which will enable you to

  • Be the first to see the Plenary presentations and Breakout sessions and ask questions live.
  • View pre recorded ePoster presentations and static slides on demand
  • View pre recorded Mini Orals and participate in live discussion Q&As with the authors.
  • Participate in live interactive networking functions.
  • Visit the Virtual Exhibition to meet and interact live with our partners and sponsors.
  • Pre-arrange meetings with delegates, presenters & exhibitors through the Networking Hub.
  • Utilise a suite of tools to enhance your attendance including live Q&A, event notes, contact exchange and downloadable content.
  • Access to all recorded sessions on demand for 3 weeks post ASM, commencing Monday 7th December 2020 – 25th December 2020.

No. All payments need to be received before the online portal link will be sent to you. Full payment of your registration fees is due within 14 days of submitting your registration for the ASM.

Unpaid registrations will be canceled on 20th November and will not recieve an access link to the portal.

Abstracts due – 28 August 2020 (Now Closed)

Early bird close – 7 October 2020

Please contact us at Conference Design if you have more questions – mail@conferencedesign.com.au

Presenting at the ASM

The initial information can be found on the Abstract page.  We will also provide presenters with additional information in the lead up to the meeting. Please contact amelia@conferencedesign.com.au with any specific presentation questions.

If you submitted an abstract for the face to face ASM, your submission will still be considered for the Online ASM program. There is nothing further you need to do.

If you have submitted an abstract and wish to withdraw your submission, please contact amelia@conferencedesign.com.au.

Update Course / Plenary Live Presenters / Award Oral Presenters – CLICK HERE

ASM Symposium Presenters – CLICK HERE

Mini Oral Presenters – CLICK HERE

ePoster Presenters – CLICK HERE


During each session, there will be a live Q&A text function for you to ask presenters questions. At the end of each stream, there will be a Q&A session for all presenters. Questions asked throughout the session will be chosen by the chair to be asked however, only the session chair and presenters will be able to speak or be seen. You will be able to contact the presenter through the Networking Hub at any time with any further questions.

Pre-ASM access to the online portal will comment Monday 23 November.

The Nephrology and Transplantation Update Course will precede the ASM on Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 November.

The ASM will be held from Monday 30 November – Wednesday 2 December.

Post-ASM access to on demand recording will be available Monday 7th -Friday 25 December.

The time zone will be in Australian Eastern Daylight Time. The program is being created in consideration of the different Australian and New Zealand time zones. To check your timezone please click here.  You will be able to adjust the times in the online platform to reflect your timezone once you have logged on.

The time zone will be in Australian Eastern Daylight Time. The program is being created in consideration of the different Australian and New Zealand time zones. To check your timezone please click here.

You will be able to adjust the times in the online platform to reflect your timezone once you have logged on.

The online program will be a mix of pre-recorded and live presentations. Live Q&A will be available with presenters in both formats.

All sessions will be recorded during the Update Course and the ASM and provided through the platform on demand from 7th – 25th December.

Yes, the ePoster gallery will be available during the meeting. View teh list of accepted posters and abstracts HERE.

You will be able to watch poster presentations from the 23rd November during the pre-ASM access until 25th December when the platform closes.

Connect with the presenters via the Networking Hub at any time during the ASM.

An Interactive Icebreaker Networking function will be held on most days of the meeting, view the program for times. During these sessions you will be able to use the online platform to engage with other attendees in real time. Depending on your time zone (and the final program) you may choose to relax in your own space and enjoy a coffee, tea or perhaps a wine whilst you chat.

General Questions

Zoom makes privacy and security a top priority for all its users. Please click the link here to read more about Zoom privacy and security.

Specific software is not required.  You will be provided with a weblink to our brand new platform (Onair) for virtual conferencing.  The OnAir platform works best on Chrome.  It offers Zoom facilities fully embedded in a personal and secured environment. Q&A, exhibition space and interactive posters will also be offered. Full online support before and during the conference will be given to all the attendees, speakers, session chairs & exhibitors.

At online or ‘virtual’ exhibitions, delegates can engage one-on-one with exhibitors. Exhibitor information, downloadable brochures, exhibition opening times, engagement in ‘instant meetings’ with exhibitors are just some of the features available to all delegates via the online platform.

Through the ‘contact exchange’ feature, exhibitors have access to a ‘Lead Generator’ which allows exhibitors to capture specific information from delegates (who have given consent), for follow-up communication post-event.

The Networking Hub is a feature of the online system which allows you to engage in real-time discussions with other attendees and exchange contact details.

Users can communicate via direct message, live chat, video call, arrange set meetings, and export the contacts they have gathered, at any point throughout the event. When using Networking Hub delegates search for attendees, request meetings, and once accepted, engage in video conversations.

Sponsor and exhibitor representatives are also permitted to access the Networking Hub.

What if I have a question that was not answered here?

If you have other questions that have not been answered, please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

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