Professor Jean Yang


Professor, Statistical Bioinformatics

Professor Jean Yang is one of Australia’s leading Bioinformatics researchers and an international leader in the field of Statistical Bioinformatics. Her career started in traditional applied statistics. With the revolution in biotechnology, her work rapidly evolved to address scientific challenges arising from high-throughput biological data. She now works at the interface of statistics, biology and medicine where her research develops innovative methodologies for integrating multiple complex data modalities that are built on a deep statistical foundation. She was awarded the 2015 Moran Medal in statistics from the Australian Academy of Science in recognition of her work on developing methods for molecular data arising in cutting edge biomedical research. In addition to her discipline strengths, Prof Yang, the Theme Leader for Integrative System and Modelling at Charles Perkin Centre is an effective interdisciplinary scientist. She is an expert on omics data integration, with a long track record of developing novel data analytics that contributes significantly to extracting interpretable information from biological data, which is critical to biological discovery.